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At TRACTOR we implement our objectives through a unique innovative approach of three prong solution of Diversifiied Livelihood Center, ICT Center for Agriculture and Agroforestry Demonstration Site.   You can read full details of this innovative approach from here..


Twenty-four percent (24%) of the working poor are young people and majority of these poor youth live in rural areas. Because of limited job prospect, limited livelihood and low income, many young people leave rural areas to seek employment opportunities elsewhere.

However, agriculture has much potential as an engine of inclusive growth and youth employment. TRACTOR works to empower and provide practical training to farmers and youth on how to diversify their livelihood to increase their income and ...


Feeding a global population of over 9 billion by 2030 requires about 70% increase in global food production and small holder agriculture in particular plays a much more effective role.

The use of ICTs enables choice, the option to stay on farms and take full advantage of new technologies, while incorporating valuable traditional practices and knowledge. TRACTOR uses ICTs and modern farming technologies to enhance indigenous farming knowledge.


Agroforestry is a traditional practice of integrating trees with crops and/or animals to contribute to food security, economic development as well as mitigating climate change in which tree planting and mangrove enrichment serves as a major carbon sink/sequestrate.

The purpose of the agroforestry demonstration site is to help people and community to examine problems which are affecting their lives and ...

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TRACTOR aims to be the leading agricultural empowerment NGO, influence sustainable agriculture and rural development through research and advocacy and resource for food security in Ghana. The organization wishes to inspire youth to engage in agriculture and cultivate the knowledge and resources of those already working in the industry.


TRACTOR’s mission is to improve rural livelihood in Ghana through education and empowerment. It aims to do this by developing the agricultural industry and improving food security within the country, providing capacity building for sustainable agriculture and rural development and brining science and ICT to bear in agriculture to increase the productivity of small-scale farmers.

  • To improve on the indigenous farming knowledge through modern technology and information technology
  • To conduct Research and Policy Analysis to influence advocacy and training on Rural Development and Agriculture Development
  • To provide timely and relevant training and capacity building needs of farmers and rural communities To promote sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, and organic farming.
  • To get people informed about the effects of climate change and get them involved it mitigating it.
  • To promote diversified livelihood, food and nutritional security, youth and women engagement in agriculture.

TRACTOR believes that communities are endowed with natural resources that if harnessed can translate the fortunes of its people. The latter, being resources themselves, are equally endowed to harness their natural resources to alleviate poverty and build a life of wellbeing and dignity as they optimize their potentials for themselves and society at large. TRACTOR Through its sister company B-BOVID, which is being a social entrepreneur, believes that facilitating community transformation can be accelerated when communities adopt its proven change processes of building agribusiness founded on integrity and national development.
TRACTOR & B-BOVID has positioned themselves to provide capacity building for resilience to climate change, food security and enhanced incomes through agribusiness. By these all will win the battle against poverty as B-BOVID as won in the transformation for wealth creation. B-BOVID has adopted this approach in its NGO programme, Transforming Rural Agricultural Communities Through Organic Re-engineering (TRACTOR), and communities impacted on have life skills to increase incomes and improved household wellbeing.


TRACTOR will soon be opening its facilities to the general public for education and entertainment inline with its objective of promoting diversified livelihood, food and nutritional security, youth and women engagement in agriculture, as well as programmes on effect of climate change and its mitigation approach.

Some of our facilities that will be available to the public are:

  • Agroforestry Centre

  • Agro-Eco Garden (Biodiversity Garden)

  • Alternative livelihood Centre

  • Mechanization Centre,

  • B-BOVID Mill

  • B-BOVID Restaurant



Women in Agriculture: Introducing Orange Flesh Sweet Potato (OFSP ) variety to women in Partnership with MoFA


Improve seed for better competitiveness of vegetables clusters in West Africa (2SCALE) project funded by IFDC (International Fertilizer Development Centre)


Youth School Garden and Sustainable Agriculture project funded by Australian High Commission under the Direct Aid Project and contribution from B-BOVID (Building Business On Values, Integrity & Dignity).


Agroforestry and Coastal Sustainable Landscapes project (CSLP) funded by USAID